Do you feel you are going round and round in circles? Are you stuck in your career, you don’t know which way to go? Do you have the same old arguments with your partner? Or a difficult relationship with your family keeps you awake. Maybe you feel held back by low confidence or anxiety. You don’t know why it’s so hard to move forward and why it seems impossible to change.

So how can a constellation session help?

Imagine you’ve got a house and you decorate it really nicely. You paint your walls in the colours you love, or even use some vintage wallpaper. You’ve spent time getting the kitchen just right. And the floors throughout your house are clean and shiny.

But the plumbing system is very old and the pipes are leaking and water comes in underneath the kitchen and bathroom. The drains are blocked so you use a plunger, but that doesn’t work long term. And when it is raining hard, you strategically place buckets in the bedrooms as the roof is leaking. And there is this persistent damp patch that keeps coming through the freshly applied paint.

So your house looks great on the surface, but behind the walls all is not in order.

This is where I can help you sort out the often invisible but persistent and debilitating recurring problems, so that your house can be a truly fantastic place to live in.