Testimonials from clients

‘Many thanks to Annetta for having enabled a change in the way I see my husband. I was conscious that something needed to change inside me if I wanted my marriage to be happier, fuller and less resentful. My husband and I have been together for a very long time and shared so many experiences together, but in the last few years we have grown apart, mainly due to his demanding job and his career pursuit.

The need for a change was easy to acknowledge but not easy to execute and I asked Annetta to help.  With her calm and kind approach and her carefully designed affirmations Annetta has enabled my mind to see my husband from a different perspective and taught me to respect both our differences and his choices. Annetta’s approach is very considerate and polite, allowing the client the space they need to let the changes occur. I really feel Annetta has made a difference and I would recommend her to anyone who is willing to improve any relationship’ – RB, London.


Nutritional Therapist

I had weekly NARM sessions for a period of months and found the process really rewarding: the encouragement to explore goals and find resources within my bodily experience has stayed with me, and helped me to shift unhelpful patterns. I particularly appreciated the depth of the work, and the optimism that I found at the end of each session. I would very much recommend it

There is a lightness and positivity about Annetta’s approach … which really helped me to drop my self-judgment, and self-criticism ….she creates a sense of safety and spaciousness which allows awareness to arise … she brings real depth to the sessions, evoking a powerful capacity to change – yet she combines that with lightness and humour too

Patricia Leggat

Great Systemic Contellations session with Annetta Apol. How fascinating what came out of it. How you can understand and connect to people’s behaviours without them being there is just amazing. It really opened doors for me that I hadn’t realise were closed. Love also how Annetta accompanies you with care and intuition in the process. I highly recommend you give it a try if something relational is stopping you from moving forward. Thanks Annetta!

AnYes van Rhijn

The Reinvention Mentor

Annetta really helped me get a much deeper and quite unexpected understanding of my money blocks and I feel the process created a significant shift in me. I can’t recommend Annetta and her Family Constellation work highly enough. If you are stuck with anything, she will help throw light on it and unstick you, even if you think you’ve done loads of work on it already. Thank you Annetta!



I am really grateful to Annetta. I would more often than not arrive at a Narm session feeling anxious, with a clenched jaw, a tight chest and a dozen problems whirring aroundmy head, which often left me feeling overwhelmed. After only an hour I would leave her feeling more centred and cleaner in my body, usually after a release of emotions, memories and realisations. I was able to experience these elements in safe increments, thanks to Annettasuppotingmme and grounding me, gently keeping me conscious of my body’s contact with the floor or the chair, my feelings and my resources when anything a bit overwhelming came up.

Annetta’s practice is consistent, patient and quietly supportive, qualities I didn’t often get in my traumatic childhood. The trick is now to remember what my resources or support tools are now and to ‘tune into’ my body in between sessions.


I found working with Annetta very illuminating. Seeing a key relationship represented in spatial terms confirmed the intuition I had always had about it, but which I found hard to accept because it went against everything I’d been told by those around me. Seeing things as they really were has cleared up a lot of my confusion around the past and I feel more optimistic about my future as a result. Annetta was very kind and accommodating throughout.


Working on constellations with Annetta has brought me self-awareness and I feel more connected to the things I want to achieve. I am able to focus on my priorities and more aware of blocks because they are not hidden anymore. Each time we did a constellation I left feeling accomplished and satisfied that something had shifted to help me move forward. I have been to a few constellations with Annetta. I found she was very neutral and focused purely n what is coming from the client. I really appreciated her ability to do this.


Highly recommend Annetta’s work: she is intuitive, attentive and knowledgeable and her treatment was really helpful!

Eleonora C.