There are several ways you can work with me, depending on what you bring and the outcome you are looking for. You can also have a combination of the modalities I offer.

Family Constellations gives you deeper insights into your family system and how past events and relations may still affect you now. So you may feel stuck, or you notice recurring patterns in your family system or difficult events may have happened in the past, Constellations will bring clarity and it will enable you to release those stuck patterns and events that originated from your family, so you can move forward.

Narm trauma therapy helps you release self sabotaging patterns so you can make your own breakthrough. Especially when early childhood difficulties are still affecting you and holding you back. If you struggle with anxiety, low moods, low self esteem, addictions, obsessive thoughts or behaviours, Narm therapy is very gentle and effective. 

Shiatsu is a hands on bodywork, that helps relieve stiff and painful joints, muscle aches and tension. Gentle stretches and hands on work allows your body to deeply relax . It brings you back to a more balanced state and releases tension. Shiatsu also supports you in maintaining your health and equilibrium.

Family Constellations

“I feel much clearer about what I want from a relationship. Annetta helped me to see what is important to me. I will definitely come back for another session.”

Narm Trauma Therapy

“I am more able to be with difficult situations. Annetta is a friendly and competent practitioner.”


“The chronic tension in my neck and shoulders has gone and I now come for regular maintenance. It helps me carry on doing the things I want to do. I can highly recommend Annetta.”