Many of us have struggles that seem impossible to resolve, no matter what we have tried. Or they seem difficult to define, but very real and impact us deeply. If this is the case for you, it could be that you still carry and live the unresolved issues of your family. Family constellations offers a unique approach to work with these struggles and to resolve them. So how does this work?

Often the root of our struggles goes back into our family of origin. Difficult events have a deep impact on our family, such as someone dying young or committing a crime. Social circumstances can also leave a big mark on families. Think of the time when pregnant women out of wedlock were forced to give their babies away. Added to this is that those painful events were often kept secret, as it was seen as shameful. When difficult feelings from traumatic events don’t get resolved, they can be passed on to future generations.

In constellation work we often see that clients unconsciously try and repeat a difficult fate from an earlier generation, or experience strong feelings that don’t seem to belong to them. And this keeps them stuck in their own lives without being able to change it.

If a great aunt had to give up her baby for adoption because she became pregnant out of wedlock, her great niece may have difficulties becoming pregnant. She may not fall pregnant at all or may have frequent miscarriages and thus repeats her great aunts’ fate. This happens on an unconscious level, if we knew about this we would already have done something about it.

Constellations give insight and clarity into our difficulties by bringing these unconscious dynamics and loyalties to light. It also offers ways to move towards a resolution, so we are more free to fully live our lives.