When you come for a one-to-one constellation session we will go further into the issue you want to explore. When you are clear about this I will suggest the components that will be placed, using either felt squares or pieces of paper as representatives. You will place these from your inner felt sense and we can then see externally how you hold this information in your body. This can be very revealing and already give a lot of information. You can also stand in the various positions and so gather more information through the body sensations, emotions and thoughts that arise.

It is not always necessary to work with external representatives. Noticing and working with your body sensations, emotions and thoughts that come up regarding the issue you bring can shift your perspective and bring clarity.

I may ask for background information regarding events that have happened in your family such as early deaths, miscarriages & abortions, previous significant relationships, people who had a difficult fate and social events that had an impact on your family. The information that comes from this may guide us in a certain direction which we can then explore further.

A group constellation is fairly similar, but instead of using props as representatives we work with the people present, who can give us feedback from the various positions in the constellation.

I may offer sentences in order to allow for a different movement to occur or to clarify positions. These sentences are more archaic than how we usually speak. They are clear, convey the truth and cut through our usual stories. This is also referred to as ‘the language of the soul’ as it touches us deeply.