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Ancestors. The hidden key to successful relationships

Did you know that struggling to have a fulfilling relationship is not just your ‘fault’? Did you know that your family history/ ancestors may play a big part in the problem? We are all born into the web of our family, whether they are still around or not; whether you are in contact with them or not; whether you know them or not, does not matter. We are all influenced by our family history. And it can get in the way of having or finding a fulfilling love relationship. So whether you are struggling with repetitive patterns in your relationship, or feel that you have no control over certain aspects of it, or just can’t seem to meet the right person in the first place, Homeopathy and Family Constellations can help.  

Family Constellations: How Ancestors Influence Your Relationships

Historic family events can set up unconscious, inherited patterns, which negatively influence your ability to find or sustain a fulfilling relationship. For example…

  •  Early death of a sibling, child or parent – in any generation
  •  Miscarriages, abortions
  • Abandonment
  • Betrayal
  • Imprisonment
  • Being a victim or perpetrator of war
  • Suicide
  • Life-changing financial loss      

The new science of epigenetics backs up this theory. Recent studies with the descendants of holocaust survivors found that their stress hormone profile differed from that of their peers, predisposing them to anxiety disorders.  

Family Constellation Case Study

A client felt like she was going mad. This started just after she found out she was pregnant, and it was affecting the relationship with her boyfriend. I asked her if anyone else in her family line felt they were going mad. Whilst  checking the family history with her mother she discovered that her mother’s grandmother had had a child out of wedlock,  and as a result was institutionalised. Knowing this, and with some further support, she was able to relax and the feeling of going mad disappeared. The relationship with her boyfriend improved significantly, and she was able to enjoy a healthy pregnancy.  

The Homeopathic Theory of Inheritance

The founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, identified that certain diseases predispose descendants not only to certain physical weaknesses, but also to distinct emotional / behavioural profiles. For example, an ancestor who’s had Tuberculosis (TB), will predispose descendants to a weak chest and allergies, as well as to feeling very restless, easily dissatisfied and trapped.  

Homeopathy Case Study

This case is an illustration of how the TB of the grandmother affected the daughter’s and the granddaughter’s relationships. The client’s Mother, (daughter of the woman with TB), left the family when her husband, (the client’s Father) became disabled. It is easy to judge her for doing this. But her strongly Tubercular nature would have made it impossible for her to stay. She would have felt unbearably trapped. My client at the time, was only 11 when her Mother left. She took on too much responsibility too young, left as she was to run the household with her sister, and look after their Father. This experience set up a pattern of picking relationships where she sacrificed her needs and did all the running – just as she had done as a child. Homeopathic remedies have enabled her to stand her own ground much better in all her relationships, and to refuse to be the fixer and general dogsbody.  

Why Family Constellations and Homeopathy Together?

Why not just do one or the other, given both explore and heal the negative influence of your ancestors’ experiences? Because the specific healing action of each discipline is different, and amplifies the healing effect of the other.   Family Constellations uncover ancestral stories, giving you insights into the resulting patterns that are keeping you stuck. It also provides tools to release those patterns, so you are free to attract a potential partner and to enjoy your relationships more fully. Homeopathy heals inherited patterns where they arise from specific diseases like TB, or where the client needs the remedy that the ancestor should have had, which is often the case. The remedies restore emotional balance so that you can go on to have healthier relationships.   When you do the two together, homeopathy builds on and strengthens healing initiated by Family Constellation work. And Family Constellation work builds on homeopathy by giving insight into the historic family events that set up unconscious relationship patterns.  

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If you want to find out more, please register your interest in our free talk on Sunday 2 June at 11am. Central London venue to be confirmed. We are also planning a 1-day workshop in the Autumn, where you can understand in greater depth the hidden influence of your ancestors on your relationships. You will  have an opportunity to look more in-depth at specific relationship issues you have through Family Constellations, and understand more about them from the homeopathic perspective. For more information contact us:

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