For the life coaching I use the Family Constellations approach. The challenges you have may not just be about you, but may have their origin in your family.  Family Constellations will show the hidden dynamics that keep you stuck, whether this is in your relationships, work and money or making life changes. It will also help you release those dynamics, so you are free to go for what you really want

You may not understand why you have certain problems or why you can’t make changes in your life. The reason you feel stuck does not just have to do with you but the cause could lie with your ancestors. The difficult situations your ancestors went through can still affect you now. This may sound odd, but epigenetics shows us that trauma can be passed on through the generations. One study shows that the descendants of holocaust survivors have a very different hormonal reading than the rest of the population and they are more prone to anxiety.  

Luckily it doesn’t have to stay that way. Through Family Constellations you can release unhelpful dynamics and embody a different attitude and belief that will allow opportunities for happiness and success.


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