There are several ways you can work with me, depending on what you bring and the outcome you are looking for. You can also have a combination of the modalities I offer.

If you want to make changes in your life, either in your work or in your relationships, but you feel stuck then family constellations will give you insights and will enable you to make those changes.

If you have health problems, acupuncture or shiatsu can bring you back to a more balanced state. The various practises from yoga can support you in maintaining your health and equilibrium.

Systemic Constellations

“I feel much clearer about what I want from a relationship. Annetta helped me to see what is important to me. I will definitely come back for another session.”


“My shoulder pain has gone and my headaches have improved too. Annetta is a friendly and competent practitioner.”


“The chronic tension in my neck and shoulders has gone and I now come for regular maintenance. It helps me carry on doing the things I want to do. I can highly recommend Annetta.”


“The sessions with Annetta really helped with my posture and my anxiety. I feel much less achy and sleep much better too.”