Systemic Constellations

The constellating approach was devised by Bert Hellinger, originating from both the psychotherapeutic world and indigenous practices.

Constellations in working with illness, symptoms and addictions can show hidden dynamics and can make us aware of unconscious patterns that run in our families or systems. Using this modality can help us break these unhelpful patterns and heal ourselves and our families.

When you come for a one-to-one session I will start with a consultation regarding the issue you bring. This is to find out more about the issue, the impact is has and how you relate to it and any systems it may be part of: family, work or relationships. From this we will decide what to look at in more detail. As this work is usually done with representatives, in a one-to-one setting you can chose using sheets of paper with subjects written on it or coloured felts as representatives.

When a piece of work is finished we will discuss whether further constellation work is needed or any other support is necessary. If the work we did was part of a bigger piece of work or other things came up then my advice is to let this settle first and come back in a few months for another session.

In a group setting I will also start with a consultation and then representatives can be chosen from those present.


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